My name is Ting. I have a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology, focused on Analog Integrated Circuit Design. I’ve also received a minor in Theatre and Economics at RIT during my undergrad and I am currently working on a Screenwriting Certificate from Emerson College.

I was born in Hong Kong during the reign of Her Majesty, but I may have lost my chance to be knighted since 1997. Whenever I am not “engineering”, I would do adult stuff like reading the news from facebook or investing in low-risk stocks. I believe I have been making a fortune in my investment portfolio since in Chinese culture, red is fortune. #Winning Aside from investing, I like to write and enjoy my leg day by exploring around. During the winter, I may also snowboard or hibernate. On a rare occasion, I would contract as a Technical Web/Business Analyst or Electronics Engineer in New York City or Boston.

I do custom circuit design, SWOT Analysis, and development breakdowns for individuals and small companies; I also connect clients with manufacturers in US, China, and South Asia for potential high volume productions. In Technical Business Analytics, I perform Web Management, Web Marketing, and Product/Business Development for clients. If you have any question on Web Analytics, Business Analytics, and/or Electronic Design, feel free to contact me with the form below. I will respond to you as soon as I can.


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