The prefect FREE template?

For the last two days I have come to a realization that I should have a personal website. Of course, I am pretty broke (Despite being an “Engineer”…) so I opted for a free account for now and plan to upgrade in the, hopefully, near future. (Also because someone took and, which makes me extra sad…)

The end goal of the site, in my mind, is to have a simple, yet elegant, UI for the all the pages. This, to me, means,

  • Menu should be showing easily accessible (No click and extend)
  • Options to remove the title of the page
  • Header Image for each page including post page
  • Visually appealing social network icon
  • A customizable portfolio page

This is pretty much about it.

I have been browsing through templates after templates… Namely Harmonic, Goran, Dyad, and Affinity are some of my favorite ones, but they are all missing in one aspect or another…

For Harmonic, pretty much the only thing missing is the header image for default template… I mean… WHY WOULD YOU KILL IT? Can’t we have just have an option to hide/not load it if we don’t want to?

For Goran, it clean and nice… But, again, the header image is not showing on the post-page this, an equal/opposite problem with Harmonic.

Affinity has the features that I found aligns with what I want… but the style too “elegant” for me.

I like Dyad a lot! The feature image for pages and posts add an addition pairing feels to the posts and page. The project reminds to be the fact that header image is not showing for all of them. It’s simpler than Harmonic and much faster to load than Goran, but I decided to keep Harmonic for now, let’s see where it could take me.


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