Up! Going into Cloud Computing

I have been coding random projects here and there for a while now, and I think the next step for me is to deploy them into the cloud and have them run while I am offline.

Before looking into various cloud service, the first, I think, should scratch out and understand the scope of my projects and my capabilities, which is not much. Knowing this, I went with PaaS over IaaS, but for everyone else it would be a good idea to understand the difference [1, 2].

After reviewing many available options [3, 4] (mainly Google App Engine, Windows Azure, and AWS), I went with Azure solely because I don’t have time to build apps on AWS or Google and their free version has a time limit (2 months for Google and 1 year for AWS… I know I can definitely have time within a year, but one thing at a time…)

The first thing I did was to add a WordPress CMS into Azure. It was very simple all I needed to do was few simple click. On New Year’s day, I registered a domain. With that, I follow [7] to add my custom domain to my Azure… and here you are!

It has been a day since I first deploy this site on Azure, it looks like I keep running into the problem which tinglik.co is not connecting with www.tinglik.co. I have played around with domain name registrations [8, 9, 10]. If you have realize on the address bar, this site is not secure (I am a real person!) mainly because I am too cheap to buy a certificate, $50 a year for www and $300 for wildcard. AIN’T nobody for blings got that! Somehow, after from adding and deleting with my DNS setting (I didn’t touch the A record though…) I seem to got tinglik.co to the site as well. So for now, I guess I will keep an eye on what is going on with this.

In the long run (If any of my projects takes off), I will, of course, expand into paid service, cheap paid service such as [5, 6].


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