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I am helping one of my friends setting up a website, and I am thinking of starting a web service business after I learned many of her friends are also in need of a website. I know how to code with Python and I am learning JavaScript but I am no expert in web development. While I would love to develop from the bottom up eventually, I don’t think I will have the time to do so right now. This means CMS. What is CMS or Content Management System? In short, if you have heard of WordPress or any other point and click web building website, that’s CMS, while framework is a coding platform that guides the developer to create a website, e.g. Django for Python or Ruby on Rail. See below for more details.

A Framework or a CMS? What is better to choose?

With my background in Python, I looked only at CMS based on Python with Django. With number of choices floating around, Django-CMS, WagTail, FeinCMS…

Best choice for a CMS package? from django

I am going with WagTail, because I am a vanilla kind of guy [1, 2].



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